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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Honda CVTF

This CVT fluid is specially made for Honda's CVT gearbox (City & Jazz/Fit i-DSI & VTEC etc.), and made in Japan. Honda's CVT gearbox needs this special transmission fluid, as normal ATF will spoil the CVT gearbox in the long run, as some owners of the early batch of Honda City have found out, when their cars were wrongly filled with ATF from the factory.

For optimum performance, replace the CVT fluid every 20~30k km. Contains 3.5 liter, which is just the right volume for one CVT fluid change.

Price: RM95/3.5L, postage waived for 3.5L & above to anywhere in West Malaysia

1 comment:

Adam said...

i drive city vtec which i bought from my friend. i never asked him whether he use CVTF or not after he quit servicing at honda & i had lost contact with him. from his honda service book, i found out that he did service at honda for only two years & never return to honda for service for another 2 years.

last month, i made mistake by changing my gearbox oil with regular honda ATF fluid. but the car only ran for 3000km after i use regular ATF. then i immediately change to CVTF after i realize my mistake. is that gonna cause me problem in the future?

really need feedback from you & i appreciate all infos in your good blog.

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